What Is Nusa

We are multi platform with blockchain solution. is a global platform focus on modernize & build ecosystem of blockchain technology for global & indonesia economic

Integrated exchange concepts that combine mining pool and an online marketplace to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Traders and miners using Nusa Exchanger can enjoy mining products directly for their daily needs

Empowering local crypto miner communities to jointly develop Nusa Exchanger. All existing commodities are maintained intensively and certified by crypto experts and Quality control team.


Competitive Advantage

We are proud to introduce, Multi Platform, crypto exchange, crypto pool, blockchain database solution. known our advantage platform

Blockchain Infrastructure

Integrating blockchain technology to provide a unique identity for each node

Nusa Coin Integration

Can be used to buy stock in, Investors will get profit sharing company in accordance every month at 1st.

Global System and Secure

An efficient global system covering all corners, provides best data security

Pre-Sale & Values NUSA COIN

The work contract mechanism is Nusa Exchange will conduct pre-sale in which the coin will be use for buying Nusa shares. The details as follows

Presale Phase 1

Mei 24, 2018 ( 25.000 NUSA )

Number of Nusa coin for sale

225.000 NUSA

Presale Phase 2

August 07, 2018 ( 225.000 NUSA )

Nusa Coin Price

Start price $1

Acceptable currencies


Minimum purchase Per User

50-2000 NUSA

Distribution Nusa Coin


Use of proceeds


Our Roadmap RoadMap

Q2 2017

Concept, ide validation, platform development started.

Q3 2017

Recruiting independent and solid team for ICO preparation

Q1 2018

Mining pool on personal test , Nusacoin on testnet and Nusa exchange ready in testnet.

Q2 2018

Nusa coin presale starting. Nusa exchange ready for public, Nusa share profit program starting.

Q3 2018

Nusa exchange financial report ready to download. Android aplication for all platform ready.

Q4 2018

Legality Nusa exchange Indonesia release, Idr market for cryptocurrency ready, application to view static mining pool

Q1 2019

Opening official office in Jakarta. The first meeting with investors in the framework of the first year performance report.

Q2 2019

Opening of branch office in Surabaya, Semarang and Jogja. Making of masternode to support cryptocurrency using masternodes technology such as dash, zcoin etc.

Q3 2019

Nusa database release for secure blockchain database system, developing the database, release Nusa database service for private company.

Q4 2019

Nusa database ready for public service, Applying Nusa Coin to the payment processor in Nusa database.

Q1 2020

Second meet up with big Investor in the framework of second year performance report, prepare roadmap 2020, recalculation of stock value in nusa exchange

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